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42s (Science and Religion) Although There are Some Atheistic Scientists in Our World Today, There are a Good Number of Religious and Believing Scientists Who Are Faithful Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Surely of Some Other Religions as Well!

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Saturday, April 30, 2011 while reading the LDS Church News I read six articles which support the truth that there are many faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint who are very accomplished scientists.

Your reading these six articles, judging from my experience in doing so, may allow you to become confirmed in the belief that true religion and true science support and sustain one another.

Below I will link you to each of these articles. However, first I invite you to read a post of mine that I published several months ago in which I may have mistakenly connected scientists who believe in some true forms of evolution with scientists who hold to atheistic notions of evolution.

True scientists, in my recently clarified viewpoint, can believe in True Religion and at the same time believe that true evolutionary forces exist in nature.  In that previous post of my mine I failed to make that clear! There are faithful LDS scientists among those true scientists who believe that way!

Before inviting you to read those articles written by faithful Latter-day Saint Scientists, I first invite you to skim quickly (unless you have the time to review that post more completely) through my previous post referred to above.

As you find places in that post where I mention evolution with negative connotations, please recognize that I accept that there are true evolutionary forces in Nature, but not such that would indicate that our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, in any way support the false ideas a number of modern scientists support, especially those regarding human beings, children of God, who exist throughout the Universes, being anything other than God's offspring and that they use "valid evolutionary forces" as a part of Their eternal creations.

After you have finished reading my previous post looking for the word, evolution and coming to the conclusion which many accept, that there is both true evolution and also false concepts of evolution, I invite you to begin reading the articles from the LDS Church News mentioned above!

Below these next two pictures is the link to my previous post you may want to just skim through. If you notice anything that you would like to review in that post, please feel free to take the time to do so, but be sure to look for the word, evolution and note the untrue connotations I implied are applied by some scientists to the word, evolution.

The Lord Created All Things

The Lord Created Our Earth
Neil Birch's Post 42g

The following are links that will connect you to information provided about, and also by, believing Latter-day Saint Scientists:

In the eighth paragraph of this first article you will find a statement by scientist Angela-Berg-Robertson regarding there being no conflict between LDS Church beliefs regarding true scientific evolution principles. I'm sure she would agree that some scientists have misunderstood these true principles of evolution, or perhaps the public has often misinterpreted that which they have explained about evolution!

Angela Berg Robertson, Ph.D
Angela Berg Robertson's Article

Henry Eyring, Ph.D

Daniel Peterson, Ph.D

Jeffrey M. Bradshaw,  Ph.D

J. Ward Moody


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