Tuesday, July 31, 2012

45g This Blog Post of Mine is the Third in a Row that Is Something You Will Want to Share With Your Non Mormon Friends, both Older and Younger!

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Christ's Image -by Heinrich Hofmann

This particular video you can view below, happens to be one which was put together and filmed in Auburn, California a city in Northern California which is about sixteen miles North East from my hometown of Roseville, California and about 35 miles from Sacramento, the State Capitol. I had my first college year, 1950-51, at Placer College which was then located in Auburn. (It was later renamed, Sierra College and moved closer to Roseville, near Loomis and Rocklin.) I did well in my grades that year and was a better student than I had been in some of my high school years. I really wanted to succeed in college!

I was on the study body council all of that school year and near the end of the second semester I was elected by the Student Body as the second in command to that school's student body president for my sophomore year. However I was unable to fill that elected office because I decided early in that summer to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah although that would be tough for me to do financially:

Here is that video. I believe your non LDS friends, both young and old, will enjoy viewing it. It is very unique and enjoyable!


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