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Post 45w: Through My Most Recent Series of Blog Posts I Demonstrated that Within the Pages of the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ; Much Evidence is Presented Showing that the Teachings of Your and Our Savior, Jesus Christ, Have Been Lived in the Lives of a Significant Portion of the People Whose Histories are Recounted in That Sacred Book of Holy Scripture! I Give You One Additional Marvelous Example of that! TO ALL AMERICANS: I HOPE YOU HAD A HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY(NOV. 22, 2012)!

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The Conversion of Alma (and the Four Sons of King Mosiah) -by Gary Kapp

In much earlier blog posts I have dealt more with the conversion of Alma (the Younger), the son of Alma, the High Priest of God's Church among the Nephites, than with the four sons of King Mosiah. In this particular blog post, however, I focus on what great good came from this confrontation, by an angel of the Lord (shown in the painting above, in the lives of these four rebellious sons of their nation's king.

Perhaps in the cases of some of you viewers of this particular blog post there are some of you who perhaps feel you have gone astray from the teachings of your religion, whatever religion that may be, or perhaps you have gone astray from the teachings of your goodly parents. The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, provides you with an encouraging example how people who have gone astray can be led back by the Lord, Jesus Christ into a life of almost unbelievable great righteousness.

King Mosiah was reluctant to allow his four sons to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the Lamanite people because for the most part they were bitter enemies to them, the Nephites, and had killed many Nephites who had gone among them as his four sons were then intending to do. 
Mosiah 28:6 And king Mosiah went and inquired of the Lord if he should let his sons go up among the Lamanites to preach the word.
7. And the Lord said unto Mosiah: Let them go up, for many shall believe on their words, and they shall have eternal life; and I will deliver thy sons out of the hands of the Lamanites.
Ammon Protects the Flocks of  the Lamanite King, Lamoni -by Arnold Friberg 

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Now Ammon and his brethren were faced with the challenge of what could be done to lead the Lamanites who had been converted to the Lord Jesus Christ (who was to come) and His ways, to a land of safety where they would be protected from the rest of the Lamanites who cared nothing about conversion to Christ's ways:

Now I briefly inform you viewers of this particular blog post of mine, of one particular event which took place among these Lamanite converts of the Lord through his servants Ammon and his four brethren and several close associates which demonstrates those Converted Lamanites' deep devotion to their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Two Thousand Stripling Warriors, -by Arnold Friberg

This post has provided a broad view of what Ammon and his three brothers and a number of their friends accomplished on their very successful mission among the Lamanite. For those of you who would like to read more in detail what these missionaries accomplished on their very successful mission among the Lamanites I will provide you a number of scriptural references you may want to read from your personal copy of the Book of Mormon in which ever language your favorite copy of the Book of Mormon may be in:

Alma 17: 26-39; Alma 18:1-43; Alma 19:22-30; Alma 24:4-10

As you have experienced this blog post and may have even taken the time to read through the scriptures listed just above, from your own copy of the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, I'm caused to reflect back on  something I have quoted a good number of times during the almost four and three quarters of a year I have been publishing this blog post of mine (this is a quote from several years ago!):
I have, at times, over the course of writing the approximately 225 posts in this my blog, quoted a statement made by a professor from a State University here in the State of Utah, in Utah County; in the United States of America concerning his own personal theory of how the Book of Mormon was written.  (Of course, that PBS Video was viewed by millions of viewers. In reading the quote below which I have included in a number of my blog posts over the years, you can easily realize that this professor has actually never really read The Book of Mormon! I quote his statement from the text of that PBS Documentary, "The Mormons:")

Professor Alex Caldiero
"I hear Joseph Smith's voice every time I read it (The Book of Mormon). He was a farmer. He was young. He was unlettered and he put this all together. So you have this rough hewn kind of text..." Alex Caldiero, poet and scholar, Utah Valley University, (Clarification Added) Now, dear readers of this particular Blog Post I have just published on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, I ask you a question you should find very easy to answer: 
 How in the world could a University Professor in the State of Utah or in any other university anywhere in this world, make such a huge blunder in saying what he did in the paragraph found just above under his photograph?

Dear Blog Readers, that which you have experienced in this, my Post 45w is true history. How could anyone, let alone a University professor honestly allege: "So you have this rough hewn kind of text" which according to him, it was produced (written and made up by) "a farmer. He was young. He was unlettered and he put this all together."

Once again, Professor Caldiero, Have you actually read the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ? Of course you haven't really read it! You surely haven't prayerfully studied it!

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