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Post 46f: Beginning way back on Tuesday, January 8th I Gave Each of you Regular Readers of My Blog Along With, Hopefully, a Number of New Readers of my Blog too; the Opportunity of Really Knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about Keeping God's Commandments and Teaching Those We Love to Be Blessed and to Experience Feeling the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ Through Living in Accordance With His Gospel in Their Own Personal Lives. Then I Presented beginning Last Tuesday, February 5th, a Special Subject For That Week a Program which I, as a young Full-time Employee of LDS Family Services in the San Francisco Bay Area in the Early 1970s Was Allowed and Actually Encouraged to Develop by My LDS Family Services Supervisors and to simultaneously become Involved as a Full-time Graduate School of Social Work Student While Continuing as a Full-Time Employee of LDS Family Services! However, and I did not get into this subject with you previously; although I had been officially accepted as a fully qualified Graduate School of Social Work Student by Fresno State University when I was interviewed by the acceptance committee of the new San Jose State University School of Social Work Program they turned out to be very critical of my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and they insisted that my church looked down negatively upon both American Indians and Mexican-American people. That committee then reported to San Jose State University that they would not accept me as a graduate student in their new school of social work that was just being set up at that university because my undergraduate qualifications were not sufficient. I was fully aware they just didn't want a "Mormon" in their graduate school of Social Work because I knew that according to Fresno State University I was fully qualified. graduate student of Social Work, however, I couldn't attend Fresno State University because it was too distant from the work assignment LDS Family Services needed me in. I then wrote a letter to State Senator John R.Harmer who along with his wife and several children had served as a foster family to one of my American Indian foster children. I told him that I had been rejected by the acceptance committee of the Graduate School of Social Work of San Jose State University because I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as was he and his family. To make the outcome of this as brief as possible, it turned out that State Senator Harmer, was a very close associate of the Governor of the State of California, Ronald Reagan (who later became President of the United States of America) and therefore was able to persuade the president of San Jose State University to overturn the rejection decision regarding me by their new graduate school of social work. Although acceptance of me by the faculty of the San Jose State Graduate School of Social work who were for the most part Mexican Americans themselves was not at first provided willingly, they gradually came to accept me as a part of their program and after working closely with that faculty for two full years of schooling I earned my Masters Degree of Social Work Diploma! As mentioned in last week's Post 46-e's introduction I was able to bring about two programs through my graduate school work for possible use by LDS Family Services, one of which was that which eventually became the "Addiction Recovery Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." You will Learn More About that Program Soon in This Blog Post.

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Our Lord Jesus Christ -by Heinrich Hofmann

Before you once again begin to delve into the workings of the marvelous Addiction Recovery Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after reading about my challenges in being admitted to graduate school at California State University San Jose because I was a "Mormon", I invite you to learn what one 43 year old American banker in Spokane Washington (U.S.A.) did to show his concern for the safety of a flock of new born baby ducks who needed urgent help.

That help was something only a caring human being could offer in saving those baby ducks from sudden death they would have doubtless suffered had he not been there to catch each one of them, one by one, as their mother quacked them down to her causing each of them to plummet from their birth perch dangerously high for baby ducks who were not yet able to fly, from that ledge high on a city building down to the sidewalk.

Then that mother and her flock were personally led by that banker safely down the middle of a street which had fortunately just been prepared  for a soon upcoming parade; over to a nearby river where they each jumped in and swam away following closely after their loving mother!

Even Baby Ducks are Worth Saving!

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