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42y The Book of Mormon is a True Witness of Jesus Christ and His Truths, So Testify Many in Our Day

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Liahona -By Arnold Friberg

Nephi Rebuking His Rebellious Brothers -ByArnold Friberg

Lehi and His People Arrive in the Promised Land -By Arnold Friberg

Abinadi Appearing Before King Noah -By Arnold Friberg

Alma Baptizing in the Waters of Mormon -By Arnold Friberg

Ammon Defends the Flocks of King Lamoni -By Arnold Friberg

Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty -By Arnold Friberg

Two Thousand Stripling Warriors -By Arnold Friberg

Samuel the Lamanite Prophesies -By Arnold Friberg

Jesus Descends From the Sky to Appear to the Nephites in Ancient Central America (A.D. 34) - By Arnold Friberg

Brother of Jared Seeing the Finger of the Lord -By Arnold Friberg
Today's Theme Consists of an Overview of the History of the Nephite-Lamanite People of Ancient Central America as Seen Through the Eyes of a Prominent LDS Artist, Arnold Friberg (Recently deceased).

These paintings each depict true history as recorded by the ancient Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mormon who abridged the History of His people at the direction of the Lord Jesus Christ through the spirit of Prophecy and Revelation.

The one exception to this is the final painting in which is shown the vision of the Brother of Jared as he Saw the Finger of the Lord. This scene comes from the portion of the Book of Mormon inscribed by Mormon's Son, Moroni and comes from an ancient record found on metal plates by the Nephites earlier in their history, a small portion of which Moroni translated and added to the Book of Mormon which was primarily produced by his father Mormon.

I chose to show this overview of history which was recorded in the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ prior to providing you with a very special experience:

Reading the statements of many people of our day and time who believe in the Book of Mormon, a book which has positively influenced their lives.

Please now, click on the following link to see pictures of those who tell of their strong beliefs in the truthfulness and benefits of the Book of Mormon. I encourage you to click on links on which is said: Show More Answers. That will allow you to view and read additional witnesses as you proceed through that which is provided you in the following link!

I assure you that coupled with the powerful scenes depicted by Arnold Friberg you will see very clearly that the Book of Mormon is comparable to the Bible, both the New and the Old Testaments and that making it a guide to your life is a very wise decision to make. I personally ask the Lord to bless you as you view these witnesses statements and the photos that come with them. I wish I knew each of you viewers of my blog personally.

I urge you to seek for a knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon if you haven't already received such, and if you have received such, that you and I will be able to live more fully by the principles taught in that book and also in the other scriptures the Lord has blessed us with in our day, the Old and New Testaments and the other scriptures the Lord provided us through His servant and prophet, Joseph Smith.

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What is the Book of Mormon?


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