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43a From the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, We Learn of Enos a Descendant of Lehi of Jerusalem, and Further Back, He Was Also Descended From Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We Learn How Enos Learned Very Personally About the Power of Prayer!

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Jesus Fasted and Prayed Forty Days in the Wilderness Preparing Himself to Serve the Ministry Which His Actual Father (Who is Also His and Our Heavenly Father) Had Sent Him to Perform.
The New Testament provides us with many examples of the Lord Jesus Christ praying as he fulfilled His earthly mission. He is an example to us in so many ways.

However, not many of us are able to fast and pray forty days, although Moses, Jesus' great prophet who led descendants of Jacob, son of Isaac, Israel out of Egyptian captivity and prepared them to enter the Holy Land which would become the Land of Israel, did that!

We should pray to the best of our ability, but I suggest we find in one of the Holy Scriptures, in this case in the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ for an example of effective prayer, a male Israelite who was a close descendant of Father Lehi, perhaps a grandson or great grandson.

Lehi led a group of fellow Israelites, many of whom were his own family, out of Israel at God's command, (in about 600 B.C.) and through the miserably hot and often barren Arabian Peninsula, and across a large ocean and was guided constantly by God to ancient Meso-America where his descendants have lived ever since then and had come to inhabit much, if not all of the Americas until the Europeans and since then, many others have come also.
I've written a number of posts on Enos' great success in prayer despite his not having lived always the way he should have lived. His successful prayer wasn't one that included fasting and praying for forty days and nights as our Savior's preparatory fasting and praying was, but Enos did pray all day long! 
I now ask you to click on the following link to access one of my favorite blog posts. It is on the subject of a prayer that was fully answered.
I think you will come to appreciate the way you will be led by Enos' own words through his all-day prayer that was answered!
I don't want you to think all prayers should last all day long, but Enos' prayer did! However, there is much each one of us can learn from Enos' experience in prayer that will come to bless us more than we have ever imagined!
I appreciated the way I was able to lead each of us through Enos' experience to help us pray more effectively and receive the results we most need!
Please click on the following link to access this, one of my most favorite personal blog posts! Please answer each of the questions I ask you to answer. You may want to have a note pad at hand. I didn't make it very difficult, but I do involve you in thinking things through!

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