Thursday, May 10, 2012

Post 44u: Mother's Day is Celebrated in the United State of America Annually on the Second Sunday of May. Through This Post You will Experience This Special Mother's Day Post Along With the Post Which Would Ordinarily Run by Itself Through This Coming Monday, May 14, 2012.

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Post 44u:  Through This Post We Can Remember Our Own Mother's by Viewing a very Special Mormon Messages' Video About a Young Mother Who Because of Severe Injuries Suffered in an Airliner Crash along with Her Husband (Whose Injuries Were Lest Severe Than Hers) Caused Her to Find Inner Strength Within Herself Which Strongly Stemmed From Her Faith in Her and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Mormon Message Especially for Mother's Day:

The Birth of Jesus, -by Carl Heinrich Bloch
I have chose the above Classic Painting by a Great Artist to Accentuate this Special Mother's Day Post of mine!

As you may have noticed by now I have posted this particular post several days early so that you would be able to experience the timely Mormon Message you already have experienced a few moments ago.

The painting above ties all together this new post and the one that is scheduled to run until very early Tuesday Morning, May 15, 2012 which emphasizes the Important Message of Our Savior, Jesus Christ's Resurrection and its Powerful Effect on Our Lives.

Now I invite you to click on the link found below to be enabled to view the blog post you would have been viewing all by itself had not there been a special need for me to publish a special Mother's Day Blog Post which you have just experienced through viewing the special Mother's Day Mormon Messages Video provided above.

The regular post for this past week will officially run from Midnight (Pacific Time)on this past Tuesday until this next Monday at midnight. May 14, because it is provided through the link just below. Please notice that this just previous post ties in nicely with the Mother's Day Theme of the Post you have just experienced. Its subject is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and its supernal effect on all of mankind which, of course includes each of you and me along with our loved ones, and perhaps especially our dear mothers!

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