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Post 46r: This Blog Post of Mine Has Just Been Published on Friday, May 31, 2013. On March 31, of this Year, Only Two Months Ago, We Celebrated Easter. Once Again Our Blog Post Theme Will Be an Easter Theme, However, I Invite You to Begin Realizing, If You Haven't Already Done So, that Reviewing What Our Savior Jesus Christ Has Done For Us Is Always a Timely Subject No Matter How Far Away The Past Easter or the Next Easter May Be, It is Always a Correct Time to Remember His Atoning Sacrifice and His Ultimate Love for Each One of Us! One Week Ago Today I Published a Post Which Emphasized How Father Abraham Worshiped God By Showing His Willingness to Do His Will Even to the Point of Sacrificing His Only Son Isaac Because God Had Commanded Him to Do So! You Surely Remember From that Blog Post or From Your Knowledge of the Scriptures that Although Heavenly Father Stopped His Faithful Servant Abraham From Sacrificing His Only Son, Isaac, that Heavenly Father Was Not to Be Spared Having His Only Begotten Mortal Son Sacrificed In Order to Bring About His Resurrection and Eventually the Resurrection of Each One of Us! I Pray That While Viewing this Blog Post You Will Express Your Deep Gratitude to Our Heavenly Father for His Having Allowed His Only Begotten Mortal Son to Die For Us! I Pray That Each of Us, You and Me Will Feel an Everlasting Gratitude for that Ultimate Sacrifice Our Heavenly Father Made For Us! You Will End this Post by Viewing a Video Depicting the Crucifixion of Your and My Savior Jesus Christ Which Our Heavenly Father and His Only Begotten Mortal Son Allowed to Happen for Our Eternal Benefit! It is Narrated by One of Our Savior's Presently Living Twelve Apostles, a Living Witness of Our Savior Jesus Christ's Divinity, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

The Following Blog Description Explains Why My Blog has been renamed: "Four Books of Scripture Testify of Jesus Christ!

Jesus the Christ -by Del Parson

WELCOME, NEW  AND PREVIOUS VIEWERS OF THIS BLOG: In this and in every additional post of this blog you will be led on a carefully and prayerfully planned exciting and inspiring journey as you prepare by means of a guided study of the four sacred books of scripture I am shown holding above; which will assist you in becoming more righteously happy now and more fully prepared for eventual After-Mortality Eternal Endeavors on your part, along with your loved ones and countless other mortals who are seeking to qualify as our Heavenly Father's worthy children. 

Those enabling Books of Scripture were brought about through the love of the Heavenly Father of our immortal spirits which now inhabit our mortal bodies; and were a key part of the Restoration of the Gospel, and of the Church of Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith early in the Nineteenth Century. Also intimately  involved, and surely leading out in all of this, was of course, Our Heavenly Father's Only Begotten Son who is our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer, Jesus Christ (who initially was our eldest spirit brother and is the only one of us our Heavenly Father will have ever sired into mortality). 

Jesus accomplished His infinite atonement, the Ultimate Mortal Sacrifice, along with His infallibly witnessed Resurrection. He is our Redeemer and Savior and has opened the way for each of us to learn with certainty through those four books of scripture, and through the inspired teachings of His prophets, seers and revelators of our day; that some time after our mortal deaths, thanks to His atonement and resurrection, we will each eventually experience eternal life in our own resurrected bodies, which in the case of those who truly heeded all of the scriptural and prophetic guidance, there will be full possession of Godly capabilities!

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In this beginning portion of this post I'm going to give you, by the use of some special pictures, an Overview of the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ including some in which His great sacrifice and resurrection are shown. 

I'm so grateful for these particularly great events which took place in the history of this world! (I'm also grateful for the wonderful artists that created these paintings and for their having been made available to us through 
Painting: Carl Heinrich Bloch
The Birth of Jesus
Painting: Greg K. Olsen
Simeon Reverencing the Christ Child
Painting: Simon Dewey
Jesus Prays With His Mother
Painting: Heinrich Hofmann
Twelve Year Old Jesus in the Temple at Jerusalem
Painting: Harry AndersonJohn Baptizes Jesus
Painting: Carl Heinrich Bloch
The Sermon on the Mount
Painting: Carl Heinrich BlochChrist Raising the Daughter of Jairus
Painting: Carl Heinrich Bloch
Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda
Painting: Gary Kapp
Jesus Walking on Water
Painting: Carl Heinrich Bloch
The Raising of Lazarus From the Dead
Painting: Harry Anderson
Christ in Gethsemane
Painting: Harry Anderson
The Sacrifice of the Son of God

Painting: Carl Heinrich Bloch
The Burial of Jesus

Painting: Author Unknown
The Resurrected Lord Jesus
Painting: Simon Dewey
Why Weepest Thou?
Painting: Harry Anderson
Jesus Shows His Wounds
Painting: Harry Anderson Go Ye Therefore Into All the World

Painting: Harry Anderson
The Ascension of Jesus Into Heaven
Painting: Harry Anderson
The (Future) Second Coming of Our Savior, Jesus Christ

Each of you and perhaps me too may be alive when this future event depicted above takes place! Will we be ready for that great event so we will be able to live among the Righteous During the Great Millennium which will surely take place when it is supposed to? Or will we die with the rest of the wicked when He comes? 

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 (Jesus Christ died for us! -Post 46r


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