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Post 46i: NOTICE! Instead of inserting a new blog post as I plan to do every Friday morning, this Friday morning, March 29, 2013, I decided to leave my current blog post in place. The reason for my doing that is that it was called to my attention that the poster from the wall of the Murray Recreation Center showing me and others exercising was not accessible to you because it was an inaccessible (to most if not all of you) Google document. Finally I was able with the help of a technically gifted friend, Brian Riches of Murray, Utah to correct that problem! I feel it important to give you the opportunity to view that poster because exercise is such an important part of remaining healthy or in achieving excellent health! I am sure that this opportunity to review the previous blog post I make available in this post will allow you more time to more fully assimilate the many details of gaining good health I provided in that previous post of mine. Also I desire to emphasize that a new Blog Post will be published every Friday by 10:00 a.m. (Mountain Time) with this morning being an exception for the reason I have just given!

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I now invite you to view a poster entitled: FOREVER YOUNG which as of two weeks ago was posted on a wall of the entrance hall to the Murray (Murray, Utah, U.S.A.) Park Center where I exercise six days a week. They plan to leave that poster in place indefinitely. The poster features seven patrons of that Center who are over the age of seventy five. I, Neil Birch, am one of them. It was created by my and my wife, Melva's neighbor, Russ Jones, who lives right over our back fence. He works part-time at that Center.

Please click on the picture just above. It is of the poster mentioned above the picture. Click several times until you get the view you need.

As of Feb. 13, 2013 I am now eighty one. You will find a photograph of me in action on the bottom row on the right side. I am 5'9" tall and weigh about 140 lbs. I didn't mention in what I was quoted as saying on the poster under my photo, but I never miss an exercise session for any reason. If I have to I make it up as soon as possible! Please take time to review the details given on the other  patrons who are featured in this poster, then please ask yourself:  "Am I getting enough regular and effective exercise? and also, Am I eating the way I really should." Also ask yourself, am I open to the truth about what is the best kind of diet? Those questions and your honest answers to them can effectively assist you to desire to make needed changes as you experience the rest of this blog post of mine! You can do it! I did it!

Now I invite you to review a previous blog post of mine you may have already viewed in which you are assisted in gaining and maintaining good health. Even if you experienced this blog post previously I urge to experience it once again. Its message could help you make significant changes in your life that you may have not yet made! Please enjoy your experience and expect to learn from it key ways to improve your life!


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-Post 46i


I deeply appreciate your readership and hope you found very beneficial, that which was presented to you in this blog post.

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