Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post 46d: "Keeping God's Commandments!" This Post Presentation is Planned to Extend Over the Next Five Weeks, (Depending on How Much Time You Have in Which to Focus on What is Presented in This Very Long Linked "Mormon Message.") You Can Move Forward at Whatever Rate You Choose in Covering All Which is Provided in This Very Interesting and Motivating Presentation You Will be Viewing During Each of the Five Weeks this Particular Linked Message Will be Available. It Begins January the Eighth (2013) and Extends Through Tuesday, February the Twelfth. It Will Be Entirely Up to Each of You Individually as to How Much You Choose to Cover or Review Each of the Five Weeks This Presentation Will Be Available! You Could Even Decide After Viewing and Interacting with Each Section, to Return to Those Particular Sections That You Feel Apply the Most in Your Life! On February Twelfth, Which Happens to be the Day Before My Eighty First Birthday. I Will Begin an Entirely Different Subject! You Will Really Enjoy and Benefit From What You Will Learn About What is Important For You to Live By in Your Precious Life During these Next Five Weeks! God Bless Each of You! I'm Sure He Will Answer Your Prayers! Because He Loves Each You Very Dearly (and He Even Loves Me)!

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Our God, Jesus Christ

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