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40m - A Repeat of Post 17 Which Was Published: August 7, 2008 (With A Helpful Introduction.

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The Post for Today Was chosen by me, Neil Birch, from the New BLOG INDEX I first published several days ago. (Instructions for the General Accessing of that blog are given near the end of this and all future posts.)

Because of all of the time it has been taking me to put each of the blog post links in place alphabetically in the new Blog Index, (and I've still got more of those to put in place) I haven't had the time to put together a new post for today. Therefore, I decided to have you experience one of my earlier blog posts, Post 17, first published on Thursday, August 7, 2008. That was long enough ago so that most of you readers may not then have even heard of this blog. It is unlikely that you would have even found that post without having a Blog Index to assist you.
Your experience now will give you a further opportunity of using the new Blog Index.

If you have, by some means accessed that post before, I think you will enjoy reviewing it again. I feel good whenever I view it. I hope you too will benefit from viewing it, be it for the first time or a repeat!

It has always been possible for readers of this blog to access my past blog posts, but it took more time than it should have because it wasn't possible before to search for specific topics you might have been interested in. I hope that each of you will find This Blog Index very useful in your efforts to gain new insights into the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in both the Bible and in the Book of Mormon by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Lord Jesus Christ has seen to it that His Church has been re-established on the earth beginning on April 6, 1830 in the State of New York, in the United States of America.

This Blog continues forward and I hope to cover many additional inspiring and enlightening subjects for your benefit.

Occasionally in the past I have modified and then reposted a number of my older posts to make them more interesting in case readers had read the first version. I have chosen not to do that this time.

I just read again the post I have decided to link you to, and I feel very good about having you access it. I really enjoyed writing the post you very soon could be reading!
Now, although I have given some links from my new Blog Post Index in the past two posts to let You see how it works, I've never yet, until now, substituted viewing a post from the past by having you access it directly from the Index Blog.
When finding myself trying to decide which painting or photo to use for this blog post, I finally decided to use a diferent version of the same subject's photo that you will see at the beginning of the past post of mine which I will be suggesting below you link with.

I have included below several other post links that are listed in my Blog Index just above the one I have chosen just so you could form a better mental picture of what the Index looks like:

I hope the message of Post 17 strengthened your faith in the Truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ! I appreciate your readership and very much hope you you will find that which was presented to you in this blog post, very beneficial.

Neil Birch's INDEX BLOG

Credits: I give credit to Fabiola Sikes of Utah County (Utah, U.S.A.) for suggesting the need for a Blog Index. Without her suggestion I most likely would have never set it up. Corollary credit needs to be given to: Richard K. Miller for suggesting electronic linking for this index. He made useful suggestions for doing that.

Jonathan Smith of Genoa, Utah, a relative through my marriage. His technological advice helped me apply some principles learned from Richard Miller.

Bryce Mitchell of Herriman, Utah, a step-grandson. He helped me understand some of the technological advice given me previously.

Bruce Westenskow of Murray, Utah, a member of our (my wife and I) LDS Ward. He is a professional in the Internet field. His help was crucial! My lack of training in Internet matters made it difficult for me to pull all of the advice together that I had been provided by the above-named skillful persons!

As I have indicated in my previous post, I initiated on June 7, 2010 an Index for all of the key subjects found in the approximately 204 posts I have published in this blog beginning in March of 2008. I am still in the process of including each of those posts in this Index. However, by my making that available which is already in this new Index, I believe you will find it a very helpful tool as you search for information related to the subjects covered in this blog!


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