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31f - Preparations For The Resurrected Jesus Christ's Visit To The Descendants of Lehi

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Once again, before we check on the state of affairs of the Nephite faithful who are waiting for the visit of their Resurrected Redeemer, Jesus Christ, we will review the progress He is making in his Palestine ministry. Again I'll use paintings from lds.org and link you to matching New Testament scriptures which these paintings illustrate.

This post will cover Jesus' ministry up to near the time of His atonement and crucifixion. Reporting on all of these very important matters is very challenging to me. I do not want to treat it lightly nor do I want to guess about unclear details when dealing with such sacred matters.

We may never fully know all of the things that our Savior was involved in during His earthly ministry in Palestine. I mention such a possible matter which is reported on in a Book of Mormon scriptural passage in the paragraph of this post that comes just before my typical ending which is headed by a straight line that runs about half way across the published post's column.

It is my hope that the paintings, along with the scriptures that explain what is depicted in the paintings, will help you renew your understanding of our Savior's very crucial ministry in His home nation, Israel, and the role the specifics of His ministry played in His sacred development as the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. I hope this post will adequately prepare our minds and hearts for the next post in which we will discuss our Savior's atonement, crucifixion and resurrection.

Mary and Martha With Jesus -by Del Parson
Please read this scripture to access Jesus' comments to Mary and Martha.

Luke 10:38-42

Painting: Del Parson
Jesus Washing His Apostles Feet -by Del Parson
Please read this scripture regarding the Savior washing the Apostles' feet.

John 13:4-15

Painting: Harry Anderson

Please read this scripture regarding Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.
John 12: 12-15

With your having just read of Jesus' celebrated entry into Jerusalem the time is very close when that which He knew would and should happen did happen. We will review these events in the next post.

Now it is our opportunity to shift to events in another continent to the descendants of Father Lehi, in Central America. Those who were faithful and looking forward to Jesus' visit with them in the not so distant future had many difficulties to deal with.

Lehi's descendants who were not faithful and who had allowed themselves to be led by Satan, appear to be going downhill fast!

Please read these verses from III Nephi. You may want to Listen to this one.

III Nephi 7:1-26
After having read and listened to Chapter 7 I would like you to review one verse of that chapter which shows that although the righteous Nephites were facing very difficult circumstances the Lord Jesus Christ, was, in effect, already right there with them.

III Nephi 7:15 And it came to pass that Nephi—having been visited by angels and also the voice of the Lord, therefore having seen angels, and being eye-witness, and having had power given unto him that he might know concerning the ministry of Christ, and also being eye-witness to their quick return from righteousness unto their wickedness and abominations; (emphasis added)

You will notice that Nephi heard the voice of the Lord who was actually in Palestine many thousands of miles away. But actually the Lord himself in Palestine told his followers such would be the case as you will see in these words of Jesus which the Apostle John in Palestine wrote:
John 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. (emphasis added)
Nephi, who was the prophet-leader of one flock of Jesus' "other sheep" was already being spoken to by the voice of the Lord Jesus who was still in mortality in Palestine. He perhaps anticipated even then that the time would come when he and His and our Savior, Jesus Christ would be speaking face to face in Central America!


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