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30f - Did Lehi and his Descendants Look Forward to the First Christmas?

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Mary, Baby Jesus and Joseph -by Ted Henninger
In this series we have read scriptures regarding the coming birth of Jesus the Christ written by the following Book of Mormon prophets:

Nephi (between 600 and 592 B.C.),

Enos (between 544 and 421 B.C.,

Omni (between 279 and 130 B.C.)

Abinadi (148 B.C.)

Benjamin (about 124 B.C.)
Each of these scriptures helped us to see very clearly that these Book of Mormon prophets knew very clearly about the coming birth of Jesus the Christ many years before He was born. They were very grateful for what His birth and life's mission would do for them, and for their descendants, and all of the House of Israel, and each of us you and me, and all mankind.

Each of those scriptures are sure evidence of the truthfulness of the theme of our Christmas series of posts.

Now we have come to the time of about 6 B.C. There are the words of a number of other Nephite prophets I could quote, but I choose to quote Samuel, the Lamanite. The Lord commanded him to travel to the City of Zarahemla to tell the people there of the coming birth of Jesus Christ and of the signs that would appear confirming that. The Nephites Samuel tried to teach at first were hard-hearted and they chased him away from their city. However, the Lord commanded his faithful servant, Samuel to return sometime later.

Below several other pictures is a picture of Samuel preaching from the wall of the City of Zarhemla. The Lord protected him as Samuel was on the Lord's errand. The arrows could not harm Samuel. They each missed.

Here are pictures of some children and several adults whom you can pretend are happily anticipating Christmas and could be listening to these scriptural testimonies as they are being read to them by a loving teacher.

Painting by Arnold Friberg
Samuel was commanded by the Lord to tell this unbelieving people of signs that should be shown from the heavens in their land (ancient Central America) just before the Savior of the World was to be born.

You now, along with the children and the adults pictured above can read of the great prophesies Samuel made, by the power of the Holy Ghost (by the Spirit of prophecy and revelation.)

Please read this scripture. (You can also listen to  this one because you will be reading from the first verse.) Helaman 14: 1-31

You may want to make notes of what you thought and felt as you read this scripture and viewed the picture of Samuel the Lamanite preaching from the wall of the City of Zarahemla. In my next post I'll briefly review what important things Samuel prophesied of the coming of Christ.

Check back in two or three days for my next blog post.


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