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Post 12 - Abinadi-Called of God!

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Abinadi Stands Before King Noah to be Tried for His Life -by Arnold Friberg
The Arnold Friberg painting you see here, shows us the court room of King Noah. He was the king of an offshoot nation of Nephites which actually began with Noah’s father, King Zeniff’, who with some followers had left the city, Zarahemla and discovered the Land of “Lehi-Nephi” after much difficult searching.

That was the land where the first Nephi, Lehi's son, had settled after Nephi and his followers left the land where they had been living near the Lamanites, led by his rebellious brothers, Laman and Lemuel.

What you will read in the scriptural link at the end of this paragraph may sound to you like something which took place often in ancient Israel as recorded in the Old Testament. This link describes the extent of the corruption of these leaders which caused the Lord to send His prophet, Abinadi, to set them straight. Abinadi is shown in the painting above addressing the court while in chains. Mosiah 11:1-15

It is easy to recognize King Noah sitting on his expensive throne, surrounded by his priests. As In ancient Israel, (The Nephites were originally immigrants from Israel as you have learned in previous posts), their government although being led by a king, was governed by leaders who were supposed to be spiritual men who served as priests who were supposed to teach righteousness.

Abinadi “had come from among them” two years earlier. Click here to read what Abinadi had told them then:

Mosiah 11:20-25

Two years later, at the time shown in the courtroom scene above took place. Abinadi came in disguise but soon was recognized. He had been sent by the Lord this time for a very special outcome which will be made clear at the end of this post.

It becomes obvious as you read this account in the Book of Mormon, that Abinadi knew what King Noah and his priests' response would be and that it would result in his own death. Despite that, having an assigned message, like many of the other ancient Israelite prophets, he did what the Lord wanted him to do despite his knowing that this would be the last thing he would do in mortality.

Somewhere among the king’s priests shown in the painting above, was a priest named Alma, who at some time became the father of Alma the Younger who was called to repentance years later, in a different land, by the Angel of the Lord. You learned about him and his traumatic experience in my Post 7.
This first Alma, at the time of the second coming of Abinadi, was living knee deep in wickedness. The Book of Mormon doesn’t go into details about the life this Alma was living, but describes all the priests’ general mode of life. It was included in the first of the last two scriptural verses. Please re-read these three verses which describe in particular detail How Noah's priests lived.Mosiah 11:5-7

Now let’s get right into the story of valiant and brave Abinadi who came into a rough situation to do what the Lord wanted him to do.

Scroll up to the court room picture again. Abinadi is the epitome of a prophet of the Lord. He’s doing what the Lord wanted him to do regardless of his own personal outcome. You can feel the spirit of Abinadi by just looking at him in this great painting. Now click on this next scriptural link and listen to what he told the king and his false priests at a previous time which probably didn't take place in the court room: 

Mosiah 12:2-8

After that message to all of the priests, including the First Alma, we are told that Abinadi was bound and brought before King Noah. Most likely the following interaction between Abinadi, the king and the priests took place in the court room pictured above. Now please click on this link to hear the discussion between Abinadi and the king and his priests:

Mosiah 12:18-37

Now, I want you to now remember what was said in Posts 1 and 2 of this blog where the “scholar” in the PBS video, “The Mormons” told us how every time he reads the Book of Mormon he sees the personality of the uneducated farm-boy, Joseph Smith, coming through in what is written.

As you can easily see this man must never have read this part of the Book of Mormon.(or any other part of it!) How could what you are now reading be anything but solid history written by prophets in their own language and then translated by the gift and power of God as Dr. Dan Peterson tells us in his video in Post 4 and repeated again in Post 8.
King Noah after hearing that passionate and true message of Abinadi, told his courtiers to kill Abinadi. Then this valiant, magnificent prophet told them that God would kill them if they took his life before he had delivered his full message. Click on this link for the reaction of the king and his court to those words of Abinadi:

Mosiah 13:5-11

I don’t have the space to quote all of the words of Abinadi or of the king and his priests. When you have time I would like you to consider reading all of Mosiah,

Chapters 9-17.

Now we are told something very significant, something which would bring much good eventually from this challenging piece of Nephite history. Please click on this link for these four significant verses:

Mosiah 17:1-4

The young first Alma, believed in Abinadi’s words. What a significant event! This wicked priest became a righteous prophet. Most significantly, this Alma recorded all the words that Abinadi had spoken to them. This event, in my opinion, is the very special purpose for the Lord having sent Abinadi to preach to Zeniff and his priests.

In my humble opinion, knowing that I am not a great scriptorian, this is perhaps one of the most significant positive turning points in all of Nephite history except for the appearance of the Resurrected Jesus Christ when he appeared to the Nephites and Lamanites who were spared from destruction by seismic forces that occurred sometime after the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Savior in Jerusalem. And it was this one young priest, Alma the first, that began this great turn of events because he believed in Abinadi's inspired words.

Alma Baptizing at the Waters of Mormon -by Arnold Friberg

To me, the name Abinadi, is a most sacred name as is the name, Alma who allowed the Spirit of the Lord to penetrate his heart which caused him to become a very significant prophet-leader.

You are now viewing another painting done by Brother Arnold Friberg. You will see here Alma, the First, the converted priest of Noah, baptizing in a secret place, The Waters of Mormon, where they couldn’t be detected by King Noah's soldiers. This was a strong, new beginning of the Church of Christ in the ancient Americas which grew and prospered, with, at times, ups and downs, for a good long time leading up to the time of the appearance of Christ in America just after His resurrection.
In my next post, 13, I will begin with this second painting, the baptism at the waters of Mormon. You will find it well worth your time.

I now end this somewhat lengthy, but very significant review of Book of Mormon scriptures with the parting testimony of that precious prophet, Abinadi. Tears come to my eyes as I think of what he said and did. Please read this scripture. In it is recorded a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ by one of his holy prophets. You'll also want to listen to this one.  Mosiah 16 
Now after your reading and feeling the testimony of Abinadi, please read what was done by the king and his priests to this great prophet despite the testimony he had born to them. Notice in verse 11 King Noah was just about to release Abinadi, but the priests caused him to change his mind. 

 Mosiah 17:5-20

We love you Abinadi and look forward to meeting you in the Spirit World after we leave this life. We know your place in the Celestial World is secure. We pray ours will be also!

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