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Post 9 - Once God's Enemies, Now His Valiant Servants

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Ammon Defends King Lamoni's Sheep from Robbers -by Arnold Friberg

Faithful Lamanite Families Await Death For They Have Covenanted to No Longer Kill Others -by Del Parson
At the top, you are viewing a painting by LDS artist, Arnold Friberg, which depicts Ammon, one of the four sons of Mosiah, as he defends the Lamanite King's sheep from Lamanite robbers.

After their conversions, these four sons of Mosiah worked long and hard to gain their father's permission to serve as missionaries to the Lamanites who were for the most part bitter enemies of their Nephite people.

The next painting, by LDS painter, Del Parson, depicts Lamanites, converted to the Lord Jesus Christ through the efforts of the four sons of Mosiah and their companions, preparing to bury their weapons of war in the earth as an army of hostile Lamanites advances to kill them. You will learn why this was happening later in a future post in this blog.

It is recorded in the Book of Mormon that Ammon, his three brothers and some of the others they had chosen as missionary companions, worked hard to prepare themselves spiritually for this exceedingly difficult mission. It is in Alma 17, that we are told of the incident, depicted at the top of this post,in which Ammon protected the Lamanite King's sheep with his sword, strengthened by his special spiritual preparations.

Ammon was doing that which would achieve acceptance from the potentially hostile Lamanite king. This is told in Alma 17: 1-39

By reading this scripture, you will have gained the insight that because of the great results he had, the Lord was with Ammon in all he did among the Lamanites.

Now if you were to read chapters 18-23 of Alma you would read of the great success that all of the other sons of Mosiah, along with their missionary companions, had in turning the hearts and souls of a great number of Lamanites to God. You will also read of the great tribulations they each went through in accomplishing this. I will provide each of these chapters here for you. Remember to click on "Listen" on each, as suggested  above. These are action filled chapters!

Alma 18: 1-43  Alma 19: 1-36 Alma 20: 1-30  Alma 21: 1-23  Alma 22: 1-35 Alma 23:1-18

Next I have provided a link to Alma, Chapter 24 which will explain the meaning of the picture painted by LDS artist Del Parsons, inserted at the beginning of this post just after the painting of Ammon wielding a sword to defend the King's sheep,

Alma 24:1-30

From this great account we learn more about the power that comes to people after true conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That power could come to you too!


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